Precision Manufacturing for Aerospace and other Safety Critical Applications

Need the same high quality of spring but in higher volumes?

Utilising the latest in auto coiling technology large quantities of springs can be produced in a fraction of the time it would take for them to be mandrel coiled. This method of manufacture is cost effective for batch runs of over 250. Our new suite of machines include camera measurement systems which allow not only for the real time measuring and sorting of parts but also dimensional regulation to ensure that the batch stays within the specified control limits. These springs can then be auto ground reducing the total cost of manufacture.

Talk to us about our Manufacturing Methods

Batch production of springs is overseen by one of our in house Spring Experts to ensure that they meet the same level of quality.

All of the springs we produce (even extension and torsion) are scragged to remove permanent set, with many needing to be prestressed.

We have in-house experts for all types of spring manufacture: Compression, Extension and Torsion