Carbon steel springs

With Environmental Legislation on the rise how much longer can we rely on Cadmium?

Carbon steel use is becoming less and less common with our customers, due not only to the fact that AMS5678 can normally outperform carbon steel, but also because of the environmental impact of any protective coatings that are required.

One area where carbon steel is still normally specified is for extremely dynamic applications where very high cycle lives are required. For these type of applications high carbon oil tempered wires and silicon chromes are normally specified.

We still produce a wide range of legacy products produced from BS 2 S201, BS 2 S202, DIN17224, ASTM A228M & DEF106. We hold stocks of all of the grades mentioned in nearly all available standard wire gauges.

We regularly review carbon steel ‘legacy’ parts for customers with a view to redesigning them to improve performance, remove Cad plating and reduce cost (taking into account the costs of any requalification testing).

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