Precision Manufacturing for Aerospace and other Safety Critical Applications

At G&O Springs we have a slightly different approach to the manufacture of springs. A lot of the springs we produce are mandrel coiled by skilled operators to the tightest of tolerances.

Mandrel spring coiling allows not only for quick changeovers, but also very accurate parts. It also significantly reduces the risk of the material surface being damaged which would be detrimental to the performance of the spring. Nearly all of the springs we produce are safety critical Class 1 or Class 2 parts and so their performance is critical.

All of the springs we produce (even extension and torsion) are scragged to remove permanent set, with many needing to be prestressed. We also offer Hot prestressing* where relaxation performance at temperature is an issue.

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All of our shop floor processes and operations are barcoded and we capture realtime data for not only Job Times, but also any Scrap or Not Right First Time. This wealth of performance data gives us the ability to continuously improve not only our processes and shop floor loading, but most importantly our people.

* This is where the spring is clamped below its minimum working length and heat treated slightly above its maximum working temperature, this then shortens the spring significantly reducing the possibility of any further relaxation in service.

We have in-house experts for all types of spring manufacture: Compression, Extension and Torsion