When it comes to the design or specification of your springs, why not ask the professionals?


Reduce your design costs and new product introduction lead time

Utilizing the latest in SPRING DESIGN software (provided by the UK Institute of Spring Technology), designs are evaluated to ensure not only is the material and any subsequent treatments suitable for the working environment, but important issues such as fatigue life, relaxation, and ultimately cost are taken into consideration. The constant drive towards cost down makes our partnership approach all the more value-added due to the cost that can be removed from your process and the speed in which solutions can be REACHed.

Your existing drawings may also benefit from our free ‘health check’ service to ensure all the parameters are properly specified and controlled.


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    Specify the correct material for the application; this may not be what you initially think!

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    Specify a readily available wire size; we so often see an ‘in between’ size specified, which unnecessarily increases both cost and lead-time!

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    Show and provide working tolerances for both operating positions of the spring (The Min and Max deflection); this helps the manufacturer ensure the springs are fit for purpose

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    List any required special processes including any stress relief or the final condition of the material. This ensures the springs are correctly processed. You would be amazed at how many manufacturers would not stress relieve a spring because it’s not shown on the drawing, but is in the material specification, in an attempt to save cost. Heat Treatment is essential!

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    MOST IMPORTANTLY: Talk to the manufacturer from the outset; they are probably more knowledgeable than you think!

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