MP35N springs

MP35N is a very high strength nickel cobalt alloy with excellent corrosion performance

MP35N (AMS5844) can be used in harsh environments and is very good at resisting corrosion where stainless steel such as AMS5678 might fail. Once the cold drawn material is aged at between 538˚C – 649˚C for between 4 -4 ½ hours the mechanical properties (as a minimum) are 1793MPa (260KSI). This is nearly as good as AMS5678 but with far superior corrosion resistance.

If you are struggling with AMS5678 failing due to stress corrosion cracking then this is always a very good material to try.

MP35N can be used between -200˚C and as high as 350˚C (depending on the application)
We do always recommend however that this material is shotpeened to AMS2430 (with a post peen glass bead decontamination) as this considerably improves fatigue performance

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