G & O Spring tips – Deburring

  • spring deburring
  • Burrs, sharp edges and FOD can cause unit failure

    A critical and often overlooked aspect of spring manufacture is deburring. All of the springs we produce are mechanically deburred as barrelling can roll the burrs over which does not effectively remove them. The safety critical high fatigue use springs we produce as well as having the inside and outside diameter deburred also have the underside of the closed end coil rounded for optimum performance - this can be a wear point in high duty applications and so it is important that this risk is minimised.

    Some our customers demand visual inspection for burrs under 10x magnification and this requires each spring to be hand filed to ensure that no burr is present. Burr that if not properly removed will ultimately cause unit failure.

    Talk to us about any special requirements you may have.


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