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  • aerospace spring manufacturer

We produce springs from Nimonic materials including Nimonic 75, Nimonic 80A and Nimonic 90

Nimonic 90 is the most commonly used Nimonic and is traditionally used where springs are needed to operate at elevated temperatures. Spring Temper Nimonic 90 (BS 2HR501) can be used up to +350°C following ageing. Solution annealed Nimonic 90 (BS 2HR502) can be used up to +550°C following ageing.

Whilst Nimonic 90 does not offer the same low temperature performance or the high strength of Inconel 718 it is an extremely capable and commonly used Nickel Alloy.

Nimonic 80A is a slightly inferior alloy to Nimonic 90 but is still preferred in most Nuclear applications and can be specified with a low cobalt content for use in reactors.


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